NEW and second hand Plastic Processing Machinery


Mega Plast acts with second hand plastic processing machinery since 1995. We are specialized on Thermoforming and vacuum forming machines, Extruder and Co-Extrusions Lines for Thermoforming foil, Dry Off-set cup and lid printing machines, and Recycling lines.


Due to many years of experience, we are in the position to give optimal advice to our customers in purchasing and installing machines, product manufacturing, procuring tools and spare parts and other additional services.


We aren’t only dealing with used machinery, but is also repairing, overhauling and conserving machines, depending on the customer’s demands, at owned workshop. We are working with experienced technicians, with a remarkable know-how in transportation, installation and training.





Offer less than 10 years old machines!!!



We are pleased to inform you that we can offer you the following Kiefel KMD 52 BFSS year 2003 thermoforming machine for short period.




One more Kiefel KMV 75D year 2004 can be offered in “like NEW” condition. The machine has only 200 test drive hours and we offer by request the machine in production test. Complete details and pictures you can download HERE.



Partners of DSC Arminia-Bielefeld.


Sponsor of SC Verl

SOS Children's Village associations





     The last two year we are offering also following NEW Machinery:

  1. Thermoforming more stations for Cups, Blister, Trays, Bowls and other packaging products.
  2. Extruder and Co-extrusion lines.
  3. Recycling lines and
  4. Labelling machines for round cups.





3 Station Thermoforming machine with auto stacking into working side.



Servo Drives, Fast Mould lock, PLC Touch Screen Display.





We are always looking for good quality stock, if you would like to sell any of your redundant machinery,

please click here.


Ref-No.: 10186


Year 1995

In Production.

Ref-No.: 10149

Gabler M90

Year 1991

Complete line with mould

Ref-No.: 10154

Gabler D450

Year 1994

With mould

Ref-No.: 10158


Reconditioned in 2008


Ref-No.: 91201

NGR S:GRAN 105 V Sonder

Recycling unit, Year 2005


Ref-No.: 10033


Reconditioned in 2008


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Thermoforming mono station

Thermoforming more stations

Blister machines

Sheet Thermoforming


Inline Thermoforming


Dry Off-set Printing machines for Cups and Lids.



Extrusion monolayer

Co-extrusion lines


Spare parts

Other equipment



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